Awesome October is community, language and roller skates!

Awesome October is community, language and roller skates!

We’d hoped that the arrival of spring would get us back to the pub, but as luck would have it here we are again sipping wine in front of a screen at home. But despite the social distancing, Awesome Newcastle is proud to engage with great generous people in the community.

Along with our lovely regular board members, we welcomed four guest board members to our digital party. Returning guest board members were Britten Thompson of Handyman Can and Catios and Anne Long from The Greater Bank. We had two first time guest board members: Oliver Gaywood of Civic Web Media and cultural producer and writer Chloe Warren.

First we watched Wendy Waldron of Newcastle Beacon. She explained how Newcastle Beacon brings together a network of organisations, professionals and volunteers with the common goal of supporting first responders, emergency department personnel, veterans and their families in Newcastle and the Hunter.

Next vide was Yak Vernac. Yak Vernac is a local language education app currently offering English and Portuguese, with Spanish hopefully on the way. Listen to teacher Nathan Wennerbom share more about it.


Last but not least local artist Mel O’Dell made a video all about her roller skating initiative!  She wants to create a supportive program called “Skate mate”, where she organises and find more experienced roller-skaters to help those who are just starting out.  Watch her video to learn more.


Videos were watched and debates were had, but of course, as always, a decision must be made and votes must be cast. Eventually we decided to go with Newcastle Beacon! Congratulations to Wendy and her team, and please keep us in the loop as you move forward.

Thank you again to all finalists who pitched! A reminder to everyone that applications never expire and we’re always keen for more applications and guest board members. Apply via our website, and we’ll see you next time for November’s Awesome Newcastle.

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  1. Megan

    So proud of Wendy & all she has achieved & undoubtedly will continue to achieve in her work with The Newcastle Beacon. One of the most compassionate kind & giving community workers I have met in my time as a serving & now ex serving NSW Police Officer. The Newcastle Beacon gave me back my purpose & I can’t wait to see how many they help find their purpose again & how many they will help stay working on their life’s purpose. As all military & emergency workers will tell you .. it’s not a career it’s what I was born to do .. & as a community we owe it to them to help them so they can continue to help us. Thank you for seeing what we see.

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