Past winners Jack and Scott Making Awesome Happen!

Past winners Jack and Scott Making Awesome Happen!

Jack and Scott are two childhood mates who spread good vibes across Newcastle through event hosting, taking part in youth groups and coaching at a local skatepark.

In September 2015, the guys pitched for Awesome Newcastle’s first ever grant for their podcast Driving with Jack and Scott.

Driving with Jack and Scott involves the young duo driving around the suburbs of Newcastle recording themselves as they talk about the big issues together.

Our board knew there were big things to come for these guys as their podcast’s first month of airing received over 1,000 downloads.

As the guys presented to our panel of board members, we could see Jack and Scott were bringing loads of positivity to their community.

What better guys to choose to be winners at Awesome Newcastle’s inaugural evening?

Touching base with the guys since their win, it’s obvious they are still going strong.

Although both Jack and Scott have acquired jobs since the grant, they are using their spare time to keep the podcast going.

Driving with Jack and Scott is about to kick off the second season and they have just recorded their 50th episode.

The $1,000 grant money was used promote their program with promotional stickers that read ‘Thankers Gonna Thank’ and general podcast costs.

Their next goal is to get a billboard made to promote the podcast further.

Jack said winning Awesome Newcastle’s $1,000 grant inspired the duo to keep pursuing their dream.

“Winning the grant made us think what we are doing was worth something,” he said.

Awesome Newcastle are stoked to see that the first bag of cash to be given out helped such awesome guys on their journey to bring positivity to our community.