‘Driving with Jack and Scott’ Wins September Grant

‘Driving with Jack and Scott’ Wins September Grant

Driving with Jack and Scott consists of two childhood mates who have been spreading the good vibes ever since, including hosting events, taking part in youth groups and coaching at a local skatepark.

Jack and Scott say they want to be about ‘thankers wanna thank’ (as opposed to ‘haters gonna hate), bringing positivity to their community and themselves.

Jack and Scott recently launched the Driving with Jack and Scott podcast in which the young duo drive around the suburbs of Newcastle, recording themselves as they talk about the big issues together.

In their first month, they were humbled to witness the Driving with Jack and Scott podcast receive over 1,000 downloads.

Jack and Scott said they’d use the grant money to further promote their program and increase local awareness, and their wish was granted – Jack and Scott became the very first recipients of Awesome Newcastle’s $1,000 grant.

Each of the 10 board members gave the grant money from their own pockets and there are no strings attached.

We look forward to hearing more from Jack and Scott as they continue to make awesome happen in Newcastle.