‘Roughly Speaking’

‘Roughly Speaking’

Conal McGuire is giving a voice to Liverpool’s homeless, showcasing their interpretations and interactions with the city through art.

McGuire’s ‘Roughly Speaking’ project, the Nightscape series, highlights some of the most vibrant accounts given by local homeless rough sleepers, specifically showcasing their unique experiences with the city at night.

The series, presented on posters, will be displayed at multiple city locations for a two week period so the public get the chance to experience them and connect with the brave night-walkers.

Light Night 2016 has agreed to exhibit McGuire’s posters citywide.

‘Roughly Speaking’ provides the city’s homeless with a unique visual platform to promote their diverse experiences of city life.

McGuire is in partnership with one of Liverpool’s leading homeless support charities, The Whitechapel Centre.

Whitechapel have worked with homeless individuals since 1975 with the aim to find the route to homelessness and enable individuals to make a positive change to their lives and live individually.

One of the key outcomes is to raise funds for the Whitechapel Centre to develop local homeless services. People are encouraged to donate direct on their website.

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