Pay It Forward Pink Envelope Initiative

Pay It Forward Pink Envelope Initiative

Picture this. One morning in you wander down the path, across the front yard and open the mailbox to find a little pink envelope. No addressee. Just a message saying ‘Be Awesome, Open Me’.

Inquisitively you open it to find a random amount of money. Awesome right!  So what would you do with it?

The Awesome Foundation chapters of Gloucester and Rockport have teamed up this month to distribute 134 pink envelopes containing undisclosed amounts of cash across the neighbouring communities.

Together, the chapters will give away a total of $2000 in free cash over the course of a single weekend. The dates of distribution are July 16 and July 17.

The pink envelopes are being handed out to inspire awesome in the local community. Within the envelopes will be a note requesting the recipients (a) do something awesome with the money and (b) share a story about what they did via email or through social media.

The guerrilla style philanthropy intends to persuade the community members of Rockport and Gloucester to help their awesome chapters spread the interests of awesome in the universe.

Gloucester, being a marine focused city loves innovation in maritime related industries, preservation of maritime heritage and culture, and community togetherness and appreciation.

Rockport, like Gloucester want to make their world a little more awesome. This means they proactively seek creative opportunities to make Rockport more awesome through cash infusions of $1000 into the community.

Together, these chapters are trying to inspire change by paying it forward.

We can’t wait to see the change over the coming weeks as they receive word of what the little pink envelopes did.

If you’re doing awesome things in the community of Newcastle, we would like to hear all about it. Apply for a $1,000 no strings grant – it’s easy as pie! …. mmmm pie.