Dive Without Barriers

Dive Without Barriers

Alesia Koh is using her passion for diving to help Singaporean people living with disabilities through therapeutic and leisure diving experiences.

The underwater program, Dive Without Barriers, is aimed towards people living with aliments such as amputations and spinal injuries. The aim is to alleviate struggles of everyday movement and submerge in the weightless environment.

Each session will take place in a five-meter pool where clients will learn the ins and outs of diving. Over four two-hour sessions held with instructors, participants will be given the chance to fine-tune their buoyancy and movements underwater within the equipment.

Koh believes there is a great sense of accomplishment for all participants using the scuba diving equipment, giving the opportunity to adjust one’s buoyancy and ability to complete different underwater tasks.

Alongside the satisfaction of completing the course, clients will receive a completion certificate allowing them to dive with supervision.

Dive Without Barriers, is an open pathway leading towards ocean discovery dives and the opportunity to complete a full open water diving certification course.

Regular leisure sessions will be run for those wanting to enjoy underwater sports and obstacle courses in the scuba gear.

Koh is hoping to connect with a local Singapore rehabilitation hospital where she can introduce patients to the program’s trial dive and gain volunteers for the project.

The ongoing planning for Dive Without Barriers hopes to see the program extend to people in living with mental disabilities and elderly people to encourage healthy movement.