Michael Butler and LeAnne Weekes noticed a growing dearth of affordable and fun opportunities for families and young people living and working around downtown Miami.

The pair believed the greatest equalizer for all people, is great music and a wonderful movie.

So, they devised a plan and after pitching to the board were chosen as the winners of Awesome Miami recently.

The plan, to create a movie and silent disco, open to all of the city’s residents.

MOVE-IES involves a popular film being selected, attendees provided with wireless LED headphones, and excellent music.

Each headphone has three channels: two will play music from the DJs, while the other play sounds from the movie. How great is that?

On certain nights, there will also be themed activities that go along with the movie, like a hip hop night with a b-boy / b-girl introductory class.

Butler and Weekes also would like to have food trucks in the space to provide tasty nourishment for attendees.

The pair already have the permits from the city’s parks & recreation department, and did a trial run this past February.

So far, the response has been really great. The plan is to officially start up this month.