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Cash Granted

February 2017 Winner – Deeper Voice of Textiles

February 2017 Winner – Deeper Voice of Textiles

Lucky for us, The Edwards again accommodated our gregarious gang for February’s Awesome Newcastle. This month we found ourselves in their spacious and delicious beer garden out back. We’ve now also had 45 Finalists, 49 guest board members and given away $18,000!

Venue: The Edwards
Guest Judges: Don Magin, Jacqui Dailey and Stephen Thomas

January 2017 Winner – Donovan Jones – Mindfulness for Dads

January 2017 Winner – Mindfulness for Dads

The passionate people in Newcastle are not holding back bright ideas, last night’s Awesome Newcastle demonstrated. Givers and gatherers grouped together at The Edwards swanky new Front Bar, where an eclectic cluster of Novocastrians bustled and buzzed discussing innovative ways to make Newcastle better with the generous monthly grant of $1,000 cold hard cash.

Venue: The Edwards
Guest Judges: Don Magin, Fergus Black, Kelly Tagalan and Linda Thomas

October 2016 Winner – Astrid Gearin - Welcome Ride

October 2016 Winner – Welcome Ride

Last Thursday we did it again. We gathered, we ate, we drank, we deliberated and then gave away another awesome $1000 in cash.Candidates and board members met on the 6th floor of Newcastle’s NIB building. Surrounded by funky furniture, drinks, cheese and a stunning view of the harbour, a small crowd nibbled and made merry.

Venue: NIB Building
Guest Judges: Jo Bright, Courtney Novak, Rob Buck and Zach Sholtz

Awesome Newcastle One Year Anniversary

Awesome Newcastle One Year Anniversary – Giving Away $4,000!

What better way to celebrate our anniversary than giving away $4,000 to a business that will use it to make the world a better place? Last Thursday we did just this! We called on Novocastrians to join us at The Lock Up arts space to recognise awesome business initiatives and give away stacks of cash.Guests and board members wined, dined and donated. They listened to the inspiring stories of four previous Awesome Newcastle Winners, watched Steve Pasvolsky’s Awesome Newcastle Film (see below) all while The Village of Useful darlings Linda, Jorgia and Emma pranced through the crowd with Awesome Newcastle bags wide open, ripe for the cash.

Venue: The Lock Up
Guest Judges: Chris Brown

August Winners

August 2016 Winner – Frontline Yoga

It could be that we did AwesomeNTL a little differently this round, or maybe it was the awesome board members that were excited to give away $1,000, it could be the delicious salsa that was on the table, but really it was the electric and innovative finalists that took it to a whole new level.

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Venue: The Village of Useful
Guest Judges: Jesse Chan-Norris, Richard Tribe, Alison Hough, Jacqui Reed

July Winners

July 2016 Winner – Survival Candle

Our July Awesome Newcastle took place last Thursday in the alluring Reserve Wine Bar. Nestled together in a booth with wine in hand, our board members once again gathered to hand out a no-strings attached bag of cash to an awesome person.

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Venue: The Edwards
Guest Judges: Ty Brennock, Colin Law, Richie Ransom

June Winners

June 2016 Winner – Adopt a Singer

June’s Awesome Newcastle took place last Thursday behind the big blue doors at The Village of Useful. Finalists and board members gathered once again to choose the next awesome winner for the month.
Choosing finalists is getting increasingly difficult as there are so many great applications and ideas happening in the area. This month’s finalists were Nikki McFarland for Crazy Craft Group, Brett Piva from the Make it/Made it Conference, and Adam Price presenting his Adopt a Singer project.

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Venue: The Village of Useful
Guest Judges: Sarah Ladyman, Adam Novak, Cathrine Long, Michael Hogg

May Winners

May 2016 Winner – To The Edge High Performance Centre

Our May Awesome Newcastle took place last Thursday night at the heavenly Wine Selectors Headquarters in Honeysuckle. All gathered in the private tasting room with a wine in one hand, nibbles in the other and a keen interest to hear all the great things planned for Newcastle. Our awesome board member Lois Donaldson from Wine Selectors put on a beautiful spread for everyone, and was certainly the hostess with the most-est!

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Venue: Wine Selectors
Guest Judges: Anne Long, Bec Bowie, Amy Tribe, Ryan MacPherson

April Winners

April 2016 Winner – Helpful Love

Last night at The Edwards on Parry Street, the Awesome Newcastle crew gathered for the April event. For the first time ever, Awesome Newcastle had all female finalists. The girls were representing!

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Venue: The Edwards
Guest Judges: Phillip Ross, Melanie Muddle, Colin Law

March Winners

March 2016 Winner – Newcastle Art Prize

Awesome Newcastle’s March gathering was last Thursday evening at Casa de Loco, in the east end. Our regular judges, guest judges and nervous but determined finalists headed up the wooden stairs of the Mexican restaurant y tequila bar for for the night’s proceedings.

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Venue: Casa de Loco
Guest Judges: Bec Bowie, Ian Bennett, Chris Sneddon, Kris Leck

February Winners

February 2016 Winner – OneWave

Last Thursday evening, a small yet excited crowd gathered at The Edwards on Parry Street. Usual faces caught up with each other, new faces introduced themselves and somewhere in the mix, nervous finalists mingled with everyone. It was the night of Awesome Newcastle February, and after an inspirational meeting in January, everyone was ready to see what was in store for our $1,000 cash grant this month.

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Venue: The Edwards
Guest Judges: Kelsey Barrett, Shane Burrell, Peter Dodds, Chris Joannou

January Winners

January 2016 Winner – MaD Science

The first Awesome Newcastle for the new year took place last Thursday at Talulah, The Junction. Our esteemed board congregated alfresco, full of stories of holidays, gifts, food and travel.
As usual, narrowing down three finalists from the ever-growing bunch of passionate, aspirational applicants was a tricky task. Who would be invited to tell us how they would make awesome happen in Newcastle with $1,000 cash, no-strings-attached?

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Venue: Talulah
Guest Judges: SueAnne Ware, Richard Tribe, Emma Levine

January Winners

November 2015 Winner – Tantrum Theatre

It has been growing more and more difficult to narrow down a top three with an ever-growing pot of awesome applications rolling in through the months. We invited Alissa and Fiona from HUNTERhunter, James from Tantrum Theatre and Sean Bell of The Design Kids along to show us how each would make awesome happen in Newcastle with $1,000 cash, no strings attached.

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Venue: Cazador
Guest Judges: Alex O’Hara, Sam Robinson, Denis Mamo

January Winners

October 2015 Winner – Youth Street Newcastle

Kelcie Rausch volunteers for Youth Street Newcastle, and provides young people from 10 years up with a fun, safe place to hang out, make friends and have fun. Young people can head along to Youth Street on Saturday and develop their skills in skating, scooting, surfing, sports, dancing, art and performing arts. Kelcie and her fellow volunteers aim to provide a place where teens can develop their skills and build their confidence.

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Venue: Cazador
Guest Judges: Jess Shuwalow, Donna Burrell, James Dampney

January Winners

September 2015 Winner – Driving with Jack and Scott

Driving with Jack and Scott consists of two childhood mates who have been spreading the good vibes ever since, including hosting events, taking part in youth groups and coaching at a local skatepark.
Jack and Scott say they want to be about ‘thankers wanna thank’ (as opposed to ‘haters gonna hate), bringing positivity to their community and themselves.

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Venue: The Basement
Guest Judges: Emma Levine, Kris Leck