Class Matter Inc.

Class Matter Inc.

If you’ve been following Awesome Newcastle on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you may have seen ‘The Business of Doing Good’, a Philadelphia based school program teaching primary school children entrepreneurial skills.

Keeping in with the theme of awesome kiddies on track to changing the world, lets talk about Awesome Oklahoma City’s newest grant winner, Class Matters Inc.

Class Matters Inc. is a mobile not-for-profit that provides engineering education to at-risk mid-high school students with specific teaching projects surrounding aerodynamics, engineering design and electronics.

Created by Darron Lamkin, Class Matters Inc. aims to excite the next generation of technicians, engineers and scientists.

“It’s the hands-on activities that will spark that creativity and that innovation for future engineering and entrepreneurship.”

Class Matters aims to develop and refine socially disadvantaged youth’s professional and social skills to endeavor in the promotion of the socially disadvantaged students majoring in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related fields.

Built on a foundation of academic and professional programming, teens are guided by a code of conduct that motivates and encourages independence, maturity and respect for the rights and viewpoints of others.

The first 2010/2011 intake had 217 interested students. Now Class Matters Inc. are working with 417 students who may be the next scientist, mathematicians or engineers to walk on the moon… ok maybe not that far but you never know!

Fostering the minds of these teens through Class Matters Inc. is an awesome project that Darron and his colleagues have taken on.

Maybe you’ve heard whispers of something happening in the Newcastle that’s similar to Darron’s project. If you have, send the news our way.

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